GENRE: Sci-fi/Fantasy/Adventure

STATUS: Published

PUBLISHED: May 10, 2022


Aeryon Fallout follows two familiar faces from the Arcanin Calamity Series. Luke and Laura are back in action at a time they wanted to retire. But when a satellite falls from the sky and almost kills their family, they must take action. Upon discovering the world was on the brink of destruction, Luke comes to realize that humanity was spared by something in that sky that was much bigger than he ever imagined.


This story introduces Ryonok member of a race of human-bird hybrids. An Aeryon man who saw the catastrophe from a different viewpoint; forty-thousand feet in the sky. Ryonok must team up with The Bannickers to keep his colony from collapsing onto Earth. Unfortunately, not everyone is wishing for the same result. An evil organization filled with some of the Aether Universe's most sinister villains are prepared to do anything it takes to stop them. Especially King Ecksey and Queen Hime, the wicked rulers of Zaban.


Aeryon Fallout is an action-packed adventure that sees two races come together for a unified goal of retrieving the Aero Sphere.  It is said that the power of the relic is what holds Aerys to the sky. Will they retrieve it before it's too late?