A world-renowned therapist and conspiracy theorist, Dr. Tawnie Simms, is forced to escape her hometown when a group of unknown soldiers lay claim to the land and begin exterminating all citizens in the state of Idaho. She must protect her son and a dangerous secret as she and her new friend are forced to uncover the biggest conspiracy that she or the United States has ever seen.


The first story told by MJ about his mother in a retelling of the first book of The World's End Series. The story is set in Idaho, 2021. The aftermath of a lust for greed and power, a mysterious entity harnesses the energy of an ancient weapon to use to their advantage. This book is filled with mystery, drama, and non-stop action. You don't want to miss what happens when the state of Idaho is locked down in this seat-edging, nail-biting, action thriller!





AJ McMullen is a sci-fi and fantasy author that is known for his tales based on Greek mythology and fantasy lore. Not intimidated in the slightest to mix up things that usually don't go together, always striving to make masterpieces of his work. His stories are a well-balanced mix of drama, action, humor, and betrayal. With a vast universe of series and characters that he can't wait to introduce, AJ McMullen is today's, Stan Lee.


Inspirational, dedicated, and unreasonably artistic, AJ is a man that has little time for play. His goals are set as he strives to understand fully what it takes to become one of the greatest to ever put pen to paper and keep writing until his list of works in progress are completed. When he does have time to relax, he does so by reading, working on his real estate business, and even co-hosting The Dirty Trunk Podcast. Outside of his work he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, playing video games, and traveling. AJ's inspiration is derived from a multitude of other works and genres that he enjoys. His current Ascension Universe was created from a dire need to do things with storyline that his favorite shows, movies, and universes wouldn't. Inevitably, this started off as a need to write DragonBall Fanfiction when he was in elementary school, drawing his own comics. This has now transcended to his own universe that includes over 190 characters and predicted to have upwards of 100 titles.


AJ is an avid for business and motivation. He is also a motivational speaker and a radio personality. He spends a lot of time using his platform to bring light to the excuses that people make to themselves about not being successful. Despite writing for 10 years before finally finishing 1 book, he credits his speaking as the initial motivation long before he ever knew if he could even sell as an author.