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Kane Report #1 - Something Is Coming

My name is Toreon Kane. I'm the director of an alt-government agency specializing in exterminating extraterrestrial and supernatural conflicts. We are known as The Blackout Alliance. Once operating under an alias known as Happy House Incorporated. I was elected into this role after being drafted into the organization a few years ago. Instead of wiping my memory, I was used for information. I haven't looked back since.

My team and I recently retrieved an orb that is said to house the power of the gods. Based on our research, it appears to have the ability to distort and even create reality. As we were attempting to harness its energy, we were all sent to... dare I say... another dimension. A cave of some sort with glowing markings on the wall held us for hours. We examined this space only to find an ancient language that none of us had ever seen before. Drawings of creatures with wings that flew in the sky. People with fins that live in the sea. Also, those with horns and snouts that live underground.

We took pictures and sketched out every single marking that we found. Thanks to some archeologists we have in our ranks, it is believed that we have found an accurate translation of the language. Unfortunately, what it says is ominous and unsettling. It appears to be a prophecy, and I'm personally not a fan of what it says.

The Blackout Alliance will continue analyzing the script. Attached is the text translation that we believe is accurate. As well as the precursor that we hope is not true. We continue to study the stone in hopes that it helps us discover more about what's coming. We will promptly notify you of the changes if we find more relevant information.

Best wishes,

Toreon Kane

The Arcanin Alphabet
Download PDF • 117KB

The Prophecy Precursor
Download PDF • 24KB

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