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Kane Report #2: Jacob Maxwell

Jacob Maxwell is a supposed philanthropist that inherited a trillion-dollar cybernetic company from his father. The family has been clad with lawsuits and scandals since the beginning of time. But everyone turns a blind eye when he cuts a check to cure cancer or feed the needy. I never bought it.

The Blackout Alliance has been researching Mr. Maxwell for months after noticing suspicious activity and strange behavioral issues. As of late, his company, Primotech has been doing some research and has set up a lab in Yellowstone National Park. Based on the Arcanin text attached, we have plenty of reason to look into this. Many clues point to his activity in Yellowstone being the first cataclysmic event that will destroy the world.

He flaunts his money, pretending to be a philanthropist, but one with common sense can see that he's a fraud. I don't know what all of this has to do with him, but I felt compelled to watch him. The man who is usually sharp as a tack and witty has recently seemed skittish. He has been moving a lot of money around and setting up meetings all while periodically looking over his shoulder. Who in the world could possibly scare a man with so much power? Or maybe a better question is what?

The more powerful minds we can pull together to figure this out the better. Decipher the text below and get back to us with any new information.

To The Skies, Sincerely, Director Kane.


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Download the Arcanin Prophecy Text and decipher them for Director Kane! The Blackout Alliance appreciates your assistance.

Prophecy 1
Download PDF • 47KB


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