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The Arcanin Prophecy

Ages before the events of The Gem State Siege, another war had begun. Thus creating the champion of this world we live, the Aether. This was a being of astronomical power. She used her divine powers to lull the war between Titans and start to create our universe.

In her image, she created the lands and placed the first man in hopes to create a thriving world. But this version of man needed some key things to help them survive. Things that the Aether could not provide on her own. So she created other beings of cosmic power to help balance her power as well.

She created Titans that represented the cosmic elements. These beast would help create the lands that man would inhabit. She would create the Sky Guardians. These beings would create the atmosphere that kept man alive. Given the opportunity to live at their free will, man was left to do with their world as they please. These people would become known in history as The Arcanin.

But one day, some tribes of The Arcanin were in disagreement of how to use the elemental powers left by the Titans. One group said not to use them, but the other had other plans. When human controlled these mythical elements, they noticed that the Aether they served became weakened and the world that she created became unstable.

This prompted research cores to develop within the tribes of The Arcanin. Thier mission was to determine how far this energy could be manipulated before the world they knew became chaotic. But the side effects of these events would become known as the most catastrophic tragedies that were ever known. The Arcanin scribed every situation and every outcome, predicting events in time, even the events that end the world.

Nobody knows what happened to the Ancient Arcanin Tribes. But thier text lived on for centuries and was rediscovered by man again in the year 2020 AE(After Extermination) or 24 BC (Before Calamity) respectively. The Arcanins predicted the end of the world but it is up to modern day man to stop what's coming.


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