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Welcome to Karaan

Welcome to the colony of Karaan!

The year is 2055, only ten years after the Great War that destroyed over 90% of humanity. Mankind is on the verge of extinction and the main goal now is survival.

Karaan is a colony that predates the war and is one of the only places on the west coast of what was once the United States. Their goal is to protect themselves from the monsters that lurk just outside the protective wall, all while attempting to expand, reclaim, and repopulate.

But just like the big government of old, the new government inside these colonies lie corrupt people who's agendas are somewhat different. So who's worse, the monsters outside the wall, or the ones inside?

The Outer World, is an episodic, post-apocalyptic sci-fi that will have you on the edge of your seat! In early 2022, the world will start again. Are you ready?

Make sure you catch up on the Aether Universe to see how the world fell into chaos by getting your hands on a copy The World's End Series Books.

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