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What Happened on The I-15

In this gruesome scene of The Gem State Siege, Tawnie is stuck in a traffic jam on this particular Idaho highway. It's the dead of winter, but the weather is above 90 degrees. What could possibly be causing that?

In order to get this scene right, I had to do a ton of research! I have never gone to this state before. But that didn't stop me from choosing this location for this iconic moment in Aether Universe history. I studied map data for hours before writing anything about what happed there. And apparently, I did it right!

In the time it took me to write this novel, I did over ten hours of localisation work to make my image fit. It felt good to meet someone from Idaho Falls at a convention once who said that this scene was so spot on that she was surprised I went down to the exit numbers.

I chose this location particularly because it is in close proximity to another key situation that has yet to be revealed. Keep reading to find out what sort of locations I'll use next. Also, what the secret situations are happening in the background and how they connect to the story.


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