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What I did to prepare for my first NaNo WriMo

This Is my first year taking myself serious as an author. Which sounds odd considering how much I have done as a writer (Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere.) But recently, as I looked into this self-publishing directive of mines, I stumbled across an annual event known as NaNo Wrimo (National Novel Writing Month), where you as the author is challenged to write 50,000 words in one sitting (just kidding). But at the rate I wrote my last book, that's exactly how I felt about it. I wrote my first book with just under 99,000 words in 5 months and I originally thought that was amazing. Then you come across knowledge that authors like Stephen King, James Patterson, and Dean Koontz write multiple books a year. Then you realize how much limit you place on yourself.

However, I don't have a tough time writing the actual story because I am fully invested in it's completion, but I personally have some challenges staying consistent while writing. Here is a list of a few best practices that I am personally implementing to not only stay consistent at Nano but in general:

Generate the idea

There is no need to sit down in front of your computer or notebook on November 1st with absolutely no idea what you want to write about. I suggest that you make a plan so that you have an outline to go by. Somewhere out there, there is a pantser out there that just exploded because I told them to plan ahead of time.

I have the added advantage of already having my story idea generated long before finding out about this. If you have a series, then it would be easy to come up with the ending of the next saga. Or that may just be me. Write down all of your ideas and keep them close as to be able to add to them when you come up with a spur of the moment idea. Keep an open mind during this step.

Set up your writing space

This is a step that I seem to skip a lot because I have learned to be flexible with my routine. But I heard that it works for other people. Pick a spot that you are going to spend most of your time writing and make sure that you make all mods to the area such as layout and accessibility beforehand. You would want to avoid spending unnecessary time on planning anything else when you are supposed to be writing.

I've read that when you sit down, there should be a few essential things around you. Of course, your writing supplies, whether a computer or tablet. My preferred medium is surprisingly, a good old You will also want to find a chair that is semi-comfortable. If you feel like you're sitting on a cloud and its the most comfortable chair you've ever sat in, throw it away. No use sitting in a chair to write, just to fall asleep in front of your medium.

Fix your schedule

Think about this: if you have a job and you hit the clock and start your day, do you have the luxury to let things like social media and TV distract you? If your boss gave you a deadline, could you just tell her that you'll get to it when you get to it? If you don't have those luxuries at your job, why would you take those luxuries when you are writing.

Take pride in your work and take it serious. Let's face it, if writing was a hobby for you, you would be watching a video about Nano WriMo

Write your chapter outline

I want to start this one by apologizing to all of my pantsers out there. But, this process helps me understand my story in the most effective way possible. I feel that when you take inventory of where the story is supposed to go, its easier to reach the destination. I find that the best way to get writers block is just trying to wing it at every point in the story. YOu just end up in a fork in the road that has 10 different roads with no sign to point to where to go next.

Have a few affirmations around

We all need something around to keep us motivated to keep pushing, with that said, have a few affirmations around to remind yourself to push when it feels like you have nothing left.

You can get something like a vision board with your goals on it. Little items that inspire you. Affirmation cards like these. Or you can be like many youtubers and get a custom desk name plate with a quote reminding you to keep going. You can find those on ebay. Or head over to Jenna Moreci's channel and order her "Write the book" coffee mug if you like to drink coffee when you write.

Get some rest

As appealing as it may seem to just stay up for the entire month of November to finish the job, if you don't sleep you could end up just typing or writing some nonsense that does not make any sense. Believe me, I've been there far too often. I don't listen to my own advice, by the way. What I realized is that when I read my work, I usually find the part with the most grammatical errors and some all out bull shit that I have to spend far too much time fixing. The goal is to get a novel done by December 1st. But that would be impossible if you have 25,000 words worth of mistakes.

For more tips and tricks like these as well as updates on my current projects, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and opt-in for notification!

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