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Legacy of the Arcanin Flame (Pre-Order)

Legacy of the Arcanin Flame (Pre-Order)


Tawnie Simms, a conspiracy theorist thrust into a terrifying reality, holds the key to humanity's fate.

Deciphering an ancient prophecy, Tawnie discovers her son, Milo, is at the center of a looming apocalypse. Hunted by a shadowy organization and framed by the government, Tawnie must utilize her dark past and forgotten skills to unravel the truth.


Join Tawnie and her unlikely ally, Daniel Gordon, as they race across a ravaged Idaho, battling soldiers with supernatural abilities and uncovering a sinister plot that threatens to engulf the world. Can Tawnie rewrite the prophecy before it's too late, or will she become the harbinger of humanity's destruction?


Legacy of the Arcanin Flame is a pulse-pounding blend of conspiracy, action, and suspense that will leave you breathless.


Keywords: conspiracy theory, prophecy, supernatural abilities, government cover-up, action thriller, survival, chosen one

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