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Getting To Know Karlie Ulrich: Celebrating Pride Month In the Aether Universe

When I sat down for the very first time to start the manuscript for Guardian of the Pacific, I had absolutely no clue what happened in this story. All I knew was the ending. So knowing how we got there and who was involved was a bit of a challenge.

I was experimenting with a few things to add depth to the story. Some may even remember

the first editor the book having some POV issues because originally, the story was written in first person from the perspective of Lucas Bannicker. About twenty chapters in, I decided that

it would be better told from third person.

Karlie came in as the protective big sister to Laura Ulrich and her group of friends. There

was an inherent need to have one of these characters come in to help guide the young ones through their journey. One

character being Sonar, the Hydrean. The other being Karlie. But there were some challenges that arose that almost got her scrapped from the story altogether.

The idea surrounding this character didn't always have the depth that she does now. Her background just wasn't quite there and she wasn't that interesting of a character, at first! Those who have read Guardians will find that unbelievable. Without giving too much away, Karlie Ulrich is, by far, the most important key to the story. Without her... Well, you should read the book.

The idea to give her a girlfriend was intended to shine a light on religious and social discrimination against people who identify as LGBTQ+. With the Arcanin Calamity Series highlighting the social issues of this world, Karlie was created to be the gear intended to drive that point home. Just wait!

Of course, she is among other LGBTQ+ characters in the Aether Universe. Such as Ghost, the Transgender Caster from Saga 1, Legend of the Oracles Series as well as Overdrive, a Kenetic Caster; Firestar from the Arcanin Resurrection Series; Anarchy of the Aetherytes. Plus a lot more to actually name here.

Nonetheless, Karylina Ulrich is spunky, unconsciously brave, and the secret weapon that the Black Out Alliance couldn't contain. She's a sucker for bending the rules and the trouble she gets into in Legend of the Oracles will prove just that! If you haven't read book two of The Arcanin Calamity Series, CLICK HERE!

For the entire month of June, Guardian of the Pacific will be 50% off in celebration of Pride Month!

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