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Introducing the Aether Universe Podcast

The Aether Universe Podcast was created to keep the flame of the Aether Universe burning for those that read faster than AJ McMullen could ever write. This podcast puts a voice to all of the unvocalized ideas of the Aether Universe. Just when you thought it was just books by yet another sci-fi author, the Aether Universe Podcast is here to give you much more.

There is so much more to be talked about than just the books written by the creator, AJ McMullen. So he decided to bring his gift of podcasting in the Ascension Podcast Network, to a new show built just for fans of sci-fi and fantasy!

The Aether Universe Podcast will feature conversation around the expanded universe that surrounds the Arcanin Calamity Series without the spoilers of what happens in the stories. You've heard that this universe spans between 90+ books and contains over 200 characters. This show will be your #1 source of the Aether Universe, brought to you by AJ and Aly McMullen.

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