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Namor Vs. Karylina

If you have read the Arcanin Calamity Series, then you already know about Queen Karylina. She is the half-human, half-Hydrean that rules over the Seven Kingdoms of the High Seas. Her journey started from humble beginnings, however. From being dishoned by her religious mother because of her sexual orientation. To being hunted by her own girlfriend and the United States Air Force. Karylina is the half-sister of Agent Lubo, Roxell, and Sonar. Her powers include: Super Hydrokenesis, Flight, Super-Strength, and Kaitron Manipulation.

Karylina is the total package, a hero of heroes. Her challenger, Namor of Marvel Comics is going to be a tough match. The two have similar backgrounds and powers. But Namor is stronger with hand to hand combat. Namor also has atmokenesis, the ability to control weather. He is bulletproof and can heal in the water. He can also communicate with sea creatures.

Namor is known as Marvel's first mutant. According to a blog from Polygon, Namor is half-Atlantean. How would he fare against the diety, Karylina? Find out on the latest episode of The Aether Universe Podcast.

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