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Who Is Tawnie Simms?

I have to say that Tawnie Simms was one of my favorite characters to write so far! You may remember her Milo's mother from The Gem State Siege. Or the mysterious, fallen leader of the Observers organization from the Arcanin Prophecy. Her mystique, in all, is why I love to talk about her.

The Gem State Siege was a story about Tawnie told by her, then, five year old son, Milo. The story depicts her tragic downfall as she attempts to stop an evil billionaire from taking claim to the Pyro Stone, a mythical relic said to be the source of the Primal Flame.

This one of a kind, world-renowned, conspiracy influencer was the one that shocked the world by ousting a corrupt technology and government agency. When I sat down to think of a singular person that would make a splash in the Aether Universe, this was the character I had in mind. She's spunky but quiet, and a silent leader that can take charge through the actions of others. This made her a formidable foe. More on that later (*Wink).

Book 1, The Gem State Siege being written in a different perspective than the other books was no accident. It was written in that perspective to introduce the very woman who set the playing field for battle in the Aether Universe. Where readers saw a small, feeble mother who couldn't defend herself, they witnessed the birth of a legend and the death of the woman that changed the world.


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